E.V.E. was founded in a campaign regarding Domestic Violence in Oklahoma that grew out of the Maria Gonzalez case, but the overall mission of E.V.E. is to work on a variety of projects geared towards reduction of violence.

  • E.V.E. is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit citizen coalition committed to reducing the rate of violence in Oklahoma through cultural change.
  • E.V.E. is a grassroots campaign committed to mobilizing citizens with the common goal of permanent, quantifiable change to the culture of violence.

E.V.E. is a citizen coalition demanding change in the culture of violence by promoting love, education, prevention, treatment, intervention. As a behavior, love closes the gap between violence and non-violence.

It is time to bring balance to human activity by promoting compassion and civility as equally patriotic in a society that accepts some forms and levels of aggression.

The foundations of our approach to creating change

Through education, Oklahomans can understand the psychology and sociology of aggressive behavior.

Through prevention, Oklahomans can address the “culture of violence” which has become almost synonymous with American pride.

Through treatment, persons already affected by the culture of violence can take steps to change their attitudes, behaviors, and responses to potentially violent situations.

Through intervention, E.V.E. and others interested in reducing violence, can identify entry points to change the culture of violence in Oklahoma.

Having a coalition of citizens dedicated to this vision and using these methods, E.V.E. believes Oklahoma can and will reduce violence.

E.V.E.’s basic philosophical premise is one that distinguishes it from other organizations in Oklahoma; it recognizes the underutilization of the powerful human concept of love.  Though discussing and understanding aggression and violence is vital, it is equally vital to promote the antithesis of violence: peace.  This concept is not a “Pollyanna” approach to a very serious crisis in Oklahoma; there is not current research to negate the argument that a person driven and reinforced using compassion, understanding, communication and insight will be violent as compared to a person lacking these qualities – conversely, evidence strongly suggests the opposite, that a rational person exhibiting these qualities will be less likely to engage in violence as a means to solve problems.  We believe that behavior must be linked to the concept of love; that love through perception, compassion and behavior will, in fact, decrease violent choices and lead people and communities to rationally come to consensus on disagreements.

Philosophical Assumptions:

  1. E.V.E. believes any human being has the potential for violence under certain conditions.
  2. E.V.E. accepts the reality there are some types of accepted and mutually agreed upon aggression (e.g. sports, self-defense, law enforecement, military defense).
  3. E.V.E.’s primary goal is to prevent violence through cultural change.
  4. E.V.E. will be fact-based and theory-driven – not euphemistic or subject to popular opinion in its focus.
  5. E.V.E. believes that all social communities in Oklahoma should be as violence-free as possible.
  6. E.V.E. believes that the degree to which we are successful in violence prevention reduces the necessity for law enforcement, criminal justice, and/or DHS intervention.
  7. E.V.E. recognizes that power struggles exists in all relationships, and no relationship is “equal”. But, relationships can be loving and just as partners understand the concept of power.