Get Involved

We believe that community involvement and participation are vital for the successful promulgation of any social campaign. E.V.E. is calling for the participation of community leaders, government, private businesses, and non-profit agencies to support E.V.E.’s mission to reduce violence in our communities.

E.V.E.’s coalition currently includes community leaders, Advocates for Justice, law enforcement, experts, victims, and public citizens. The coalition members are unique in their diversity as a group of individuals who have united to challenge the status quo of violent behavior within all of our communities regardless of demographic. The coalition is committed to boots-on-ground fact-gathering, analysis, assessment, and systematic problem-solving. We intend to direct our research, resources, and conclusions in a multi-faceted, comprehensive manner in order to provide viable resolution to the existing condition.

Why Participate?

At E.V.E., while we believe that support is important, we assert that what is better than support is active participation by citizens. We are recruiting ACTIVISTS who are interested in doing more than sitting around the table discussing issues with no active solutions. We are getting out and getting involved with the communities on a personal level, making our faces known alongside our collective name.

You can participate in a variety of ways. First, through joining our grass-roots campaign and getting out to knock on doors and get face time with the community. Second, through contributing your specific set of skills to the cause, you will enable more efficient planning and preparation for events the organization will host and/or attend. Third, by sharing your personal stories you will help to empower others who have suffered violence to speak out and make their voices heard. Finally, by contributing to our available resources you can enable the organization to conduct its day-to-day activities with reduced need to rely on outside organizations to support us; we can support ourselves and increase effectiveness.

If you live in or know of a neighborhood that is in need of intervention, by letting us know where we are needed and where we can most effectively contribute our time you will be providing us a valuable service while remaining anonymous if that is your need or desire. We believe in action, and only by taking action can we affect positive and needed change.

Coalition Meetings

Coalition meetings occur every Tuesday at 11:30 AM at the site of the P.E.O.P.L.E Foundation, 1324 N.E. 8th St., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73117. Coalition meetings are not limited to members only; as a coalition founded on the premise that citizen participation is of the utmost importance we feel that open forums work best. You are encouraged to attend and make your voice heard.