Our work

E.V.E. was founded in a campaign regarding Domestic Violence in Oklahoma that grew out of the Maria Gonzalez case, but the overall mission of E.V.E. is to work on a variety of projects geared towards reduction of violence.

E.V.E.’s mission is to influence and change the culture of violence. E.V.E. encourages individuals to re-examining destructive choices, behaviors, and attitudes, thus enabling a better understanding of how to rehabilitate social/self-destructive patterns. E.V.E. encourages individuals to accept responsibility for their own actions and take charge of their families, communities, cities, and states; by accomplishing this we can peacefully resolve the current culture of violence.  Lastly, through each individual decision to love and respect life we take control over our destiny and create a legacy of peace that will sustain humane solutions to individual and social conflict.

Weekly Radio Show/Podcast

E.V.E. is currently producing a weekly radio show on KTLV 1220 AM, which is also available as a podcast.

This program addresses a wide range of issues concerning violence facing the community, providing a forum for open public conversation and information dissemination from individuals and organizations.

Each week, not only do we talk about the issues, but we go out into the community seeking out those who have been affected by violence, those who are working for change, and leaders of our communities, in order to promote as complete a discussion of the issues as possible.

Broadcast schedule:

KTLV 1220 AM –


Other ongoing work